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Wed, Jul. 22nd, 2009, 09:49 pm
gothic_hippie84: sorry...

Poll #1433784 feedback

what would you like to talk about here?

goth music
goth fashion
goth room ideas
poetry/ art
ranting in general
all of the above
other (please specify)
i know, this page sucks hardcore. sorry about that. my friend and i created this way back in the day and we didn't really know what we were doing. honestly, i'm surprised that it's still here. i would like to make it better (if i could only remember the fucking password...). i bet you were all disappointed when this journal turned out to be so lame, and again, i apologize.

i would like for you to please participate in a short survey on how i could make this comm. better:

<lj-poll name='feedback' whovote='all' whoview='all'>

<lj-pq type='check'>

what would you like to talk about here?

<lj-pi>goth music</lj-pi>

<lj-pi>goth fashion</lj-pi>

<lj-pi>goth room ideas</lj-pi>

<lj-pi>poetry/ art</lj-pi>

<lj-pi>ranting in general</lj-pi>

<lj-pi>all of the above</lj-pi>

<lj-pi>other (please specify)</lj-pi>



see, i told you it was short. thank youfor your time and input.